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ProSpangle Spangle Transfer Machine

The ProSpangle spangle transfer machine , also called a sequin transfer machine, is the most advanced spangle transfer system on the market today and gives you MAXIMUM BLING, and the best opportunity to add revenues to your business.

Spangle Colors and Sizes

You get your choice of 6 colors or sizes per design, so you can produce incredibly high impact, colorful t-shirts and spangle transfers at a speed that no other technology can match.

The system comes with the ability to run two 2mm, three 3 mm and one 4mm reel of ProSpangle Holographic material right out of the box, but you can go up to 5mm. That’s the equivalent of and SS20 sized rhinestone!

Color and finish choices include 27 different holographic varieties of ProSpangle Reels. 27 colors of spangles (also called threadless sequins) that make spangle transfers so cost effective you can afford to have them ALL on hand to fill your customer requests.

For more information on spangle transfer supplies click here.

Sequins with No Holes – Spangle Maximum Bling

Second, you will be creating true SPANGLE transfers – with NO HOLES. You’ll be amazed, and so will your customers, at how much of a difference having solid discs of holographic color with out the donut hole in a sequin showing the shirt material through, unlike those produced with a standard sequin transfer machine.
And 6 colors and sizes means that you can make almost any customers design request a reality and give your own imagination the room it needs to impress.

There is a real difference between spangles and sequins, and it shows in the end result!


Making Spangle Transfers is VERY Fast


It’s a cliche, but time actually IS money. Not only do you need to produce superior products at low material cost, you need it to happen as fast as possible to keep both your labor cost and turnaround time down.

The up to 1000 Spangles per minute output speed on the ProSpangle allows you to produce more, with spangle transfers taking a fraction of the time it takes competitive technologies, directly affecting your bottom line.

The video proof of a real world speed test on the right shows a 2 color design with 859 spangles being output in just over 2:20 – amazing! That’s well under 1/2 the time it would take a comparable rhinestone transfer to be produced on the most advanced automatic rhinestone transfer systems available.
But it’s not just output speed that makes this the fastest way to produce Bling for your business. There’s only only a 10 second press time for putting the spangle transfer onto a t-shirt, and then a “warm peel” means you can have your end product in less than a minute after your transfer is complete.

If you would like to run those numbers and find out how much you can make with transfers, or what  your return on investment might be, just read this breakdown of the costs involved in producing a spangle transfer.

View our sample and customer Spangle gallery here.Watch training video on using the ProSpangle.

Supplies for the ProSpangle can be ordered online at Colmanandcompany.com


ProSpangle Pricing

You can Buy the ProSpangle Spangle Transfer Machine in several ways:

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ProSpangle Spangle Transfer Machine

The most advanced production-quality spangle machine on the market today.

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How Much Can I Make with ProSpangle?

There are many factors that go into the profitability of your business, and you can read more about potential ROI with the ProSpangle here, but this video will give you an idea.