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How to Make a Spangle Transfer

Step by Step Guide to making a spangle transfer with ProSpangle.

Step 1: Hotfix Era for Sequins

Even though the NAME of the application might lead you to think it’s for creating sequin transfers, this multi-faceted application from Sierra works perfectly with ProSpangle. In fact, Hotfix Era is part of the Design Era suite which includes Stitch Era embroidery digitizing software, Hotfix Era for Stones for making rhinestone transfers, Print Era, and more. You can run your entire apparel decorating business from this one application!

So the first step in creating your spangle transfer design is to launch Hotfix Era for Sequins. You then have a wide variety of choices for creating your images. You can start from scratch using their vector design tools, easily import from Corel or Illustrator, or simply grab public domain vector files and convert them into spangles.

Read our entire Spangle Design Software page, or take a look at the video on the right to see Hotfix for Sequins in action!

Use your “Save As” command under the File menu to output your design to an AAS file.

Step 2: Spangle Transfer Machine Software

Next is the shortest step in the process. Simply open up your Hotfix Era for Sequins file, now a .dsg,  check for errors.

Step 3: Set Up the ProSpangle

Before you send the design to the spangle transfer machine, just make sure that you have place your piece of transfer paper (also called Hotfix tape), sticky side UP on the silicon bed.

The LED control panel on the ProSpangle machine is your final place to set up your design, assigning each of the 6 sizes/colors to the corresponding parts of your design. Set your speed and go. Don’t worry, it’s easy!

Step 4: Make Your Spangle Transfer

Once you send the file to the ProSpangle, you will not have long to wait at all. At 600-1000 spangles/minute it’s the fastest machine of its kind on the market. An average spangle transfer design will only take a little over 2 minutes to complete..

Step 5: Heat Press or Ship

This last step really depends on your business. If you are in the wholesale transfer business, maybe already selling rhinestone transfers, heat transfers, etc, you will probably want to send out the transfers to your client as is.

If you are going to retail, or include a finished t-shirt or other item in your business, you’ll need to heat press the transfer onto the garment before shipping. If you’re pressing onto a t-shirt, for example, your heat press should be set to approx. 285F, and you should press for :12 at high pressure. Peel the transfer tape off of the t-shirt after the design has cooled just a bit.

Making Spangle Transfers

Whether you’re adding spangle transfers or spangle t-shirts to your business or just starting out, the ProSpangle offers the ideal combination of pricing, speed and quality, giving you the greatest chance for success. ProSpangle = the best spangle transfer machine!

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Spangle Transfer Design Software

Using Hotfix Era for Sequins is EASY, and it comes with every ProSpangle system. Watch this quick video below to get an idea of how the software works, or read ALL about it here. This video may show the software being used to create rhinestone transfers, but everything works the same for Spangles!


Hotfix Spangle Transfer Samples

Here are just a few samples of what the ProSpangle and Hotfix Era for Sequins can produce. For more, just visit our spangle transfer gallery page.