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Latest Bling Machine from ColDesi

We’re happy you found us! ProSpangle is the revolutionary new spangle transfer machine, and the best way to create high impact, and PROFITABLE t-shirt transfers – the best bling machine on the market today!If you found us while searching for ways to produce bling custom t-shirts, rhinestone transfers, sequin transfers or just the best way to add revenues to your apparel decorating business, you will not be disappointed with ProSpangle Spangle Transfer

Machine by ColDesi. In fact, after its debut at ISS in Texas, it is now one of the best selling bling machines we’ve ever sold. Read on to find all the information you need to make your decision on ProSpangle.

If you already have a rhinestone machine or are producing rhinestone templates, the ProSpangle is the perfect way to expand your business and ot be on the forefront of the next big trend in decorated apparel. Look at what Scott and Teresa Mullins, one of the biggest wholesale rhinestone transfer dealers in America say about ProSpangle.


Don’t settle for using regular sequins and your embroidery machine, see what the difference is with threadless sequins and our “sequin transfer machine”!

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See how others have started their business in creating custom decorated apparel using the ProSpangle machine.

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– How glitz and stones became a successful business.

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– CHEER-ful Success – From Embroidery to Bling: A Husband and Wife Team

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Learn more about creating sequin transfers using the ProSpangle machine from ColDesi today.

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