The Difference Between Sequins and Spangles
Spangle Transfers, or “Hotfix Spangles” are NOT the same as those sequin transfers produced by embroidery and some motif rhinestone system manufacturers. The the most common question we get when we’re speaking with apparel decorators about the ProSpangle Spangle Transfer System is “What is the difference between Sequins and Spangles?”. There are several answers, depending on what you mean by sequins.


Embroidered Sequins

Sequins have been around for generations and are well known to professional apparel decorators. They are small, usually colorful plastic or metal discs with holes in the middle that are sewn onto garments by hand, or applied using special embroidery machines adapted for that purpose.

The sequin attachments for embroidery machines  were very popular in their time, but were slow and produced results that were susceptible to thread breaks, tears and damage during wash and wear.

The picture on the right also highlights one of the biggest drawbacks to sequins – big holes! In some cases, the thread is actually more prevalent than the sequins themselves, compromising the look of the design.
Long Lasting Spangles
Hotfix SEQUIN Transfer
Spangles vs. Sequins
Spangles Vs. Sequins Explained
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